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Why we trust flosens? If something happen to our products , where we can find spare parts?

Structure of our Business is “Online Store” & wholesale/retail supplier of contractors. But we are open to Public as well for sale. We have display Store, located at 30 Intermodal Drive, Unit 8, Brampton ( see more details in “contact us” tab). Most of products are on display at the store. Customer can checkout online or can pay at terminal with various payment methods after purchase direct from store. We carry all spare parts and customer service representative is always there during business hours to solve all your after sales concerns or issues. You can reach us at 905-463-4525.

This is oftently asked question by customers. We will try to explain as much as we can.

Any metallic sink is suceptible to rust and oxidation if not cared properly. But SS304 has very high resistance to corrosion from oxidizing acids. However it has tendancy to get corrode from chloride solutions.Chloride ions can create localized areas of corrosion called “pitting”. These pitting can spread and penetrate chromium layer of Stainless steel. And if,  thickness ( Gauge) and chromium level in material is less than definetly it is concerning. We fully understand that customer pay high amount to buy such gorgeous handcrafted sinks. Nobody want to spend extra money,labour and hassle later on, to remove and reinstall it. That is one of reason that we use high strength and heavy gauges(16)Stainless steel SS304 Sinks only ( Brand name POSCO from Korea). We personally obtain mill test of raw material before production. Though they are heavy yet has good resistance towards chloride solutions ( mass of material composition obviously high in 16 as compare to 18). We strongly advise to go for 16 gauge to withstand better on this issue. We also provide maintainance guide book to maintain the sinks properly. Flosens is very keen and is in continuous process of learning & improvement about such issues and remedies. In case, unkowningly, customer not able to maintain, Flosens has many natural solutions to overcome it.

Yes,It did once in my own washroom. In fact it was test of stainless steel metal. I saw Shower Panel Body was spotted with water hardness spots ( calcium and magnesium in water). I tested CLR to clean it. Spots were gone after CLR application and Immediately i cleaned panel with Gentle Soap foam and rinsed with water. After that i applied Stainless steel cleaner. 

It was all right process to do so as mentioned in above paragraph. But during water & soap cleaning (after CLR application) , I missed one spot on top of panel body. That spot of CLR itched out and make rust spot. Luckily i noticed early enough ( at first layer formation of rust)  and cleaned it right away and applied stainless steel cleaner on top.

Always clean your unit at least once a month with gentle soap, rinse with water and apply WD40/Stainless steel cleaner( Stainless steel appliance cleaner). if you miss cleaning…. then use CLR (with caution) to remove spots but  must Clean it properly & immediately with gentle soap & water afterwards. If one spot of CLR left then you will sure get rust.. so be cautious in using CLR 

Flosens is established in 2012 with business focused on faucets and relevant accessories. Since then, we have been successfully serving all over canada with great strength of after sales service.

Currently , all kitchen faucets are coming with Installation guide. We are working on other products as well. Meanwhile for any questions related to installtion, feel free to email at Customer can also feel free to call us (905-463-4525) for any installation concerns.

Very sorry to hear about this. In fact, Online chat is available all time. If you find no body there, that means, either attendant is busy with other chat or busy in other business activity, but if you leave a message or your contact information someone will definitely contact you back.

Flosens offer absolutely free shipping for all orders above 100$. In some cases, it is not required for order to be even 100$. During check out process , there is always step to opt 0$ shipping. Please feel free to choose that if your order is above 100$. Please call us if your order is less than 100$. we will try our best to waive off or at least make it less for you.

Technically, valves are designed to mix two different Temperatures, generally hot & cold. But there is entirely different kind of mechanism adopted by these valves.

In simple mixer valve, Temperature is controlled and mixed manually with piston ( under Handle) to adjust hot and cold temperature.  But it cannot sense temperature change.

In pressure balanced water control valve, two different level of Temperatures ( hot & cold ) are mixed with manually adjusting the ratio of hot and cold.

In Thermostatic, mixing is done with preset temperature knob that maintains temperature and pressure as well. It does it with help of wax element.

Regular Mixer : 

Regular mixers simply uses piston attached to ceramic disc to control temperature ratio and pressure of water. In regular mixers, water pressure and temperature ratio are controlled manually. Any change in water temperature is not sensed by this mechanical mechanism of ceramic disc ( just like regular tap water mixer) Any unsudden change in water temperature or pressure is reflected immidiately in out put. That is main disadvantage of such kind of regular mixers.  

Pressure balanced:

A pressure-balanced valve provides water at nearly constant temperature to a shower or bathtub, despite pressure fluctuations in either the hot or cold supply lines.

If, for example, someone flushes a toilet while the shower is in use, the fixture suddenly draws a significant amount of cold water from the common supply line, causing a pressure drop. In the absence of a compensating mechanism, the relatively higher pressure in the hot water supply line will cause the shower temperature to rise just as suddenly, possibly reaching an uncomfortable or even dangerous level. Conversely,if someone opens a hot water faucet elsewhere, the relatively higher pressure in the cold water supply line will cause the shower temperature to drop suddenly.

The pressure-balanced shower valve compensates for changes in water pressure. It has a diaphragm or piston inside that reacts to relative changes in either hot or cold water pressure to maintain balanced pressure. As water pressure drops on one supply line, the valve reduces the pressure in the other supply line to match.

Thermostatic Valve :

On the other hand, Thermostatic Control valves are designed for auto mixing of two levels of Temperatures ( generally hot and cold ). In this type of control valve, water is mixed with the help wax element in side control valve that senses and reacts to water temperature. It contracts and expand  flow of water ( in both hot  & cold ) based on temperature. Regardless how much variation of temperature happen in supply it tries to maintain constant temperature. You can preset this constant temperature by preset calibrated knob that generally denotes 15 degree celcius to 45 degree celcius. 

So technically presssure balanced valves are water pressure ratio driven and thermostaic control valves are temperature ratio driven. 

Advantages & Disadvantages :

Advantage in regular mixer is that they are simple to operate and are comparatively lowest price. Disadavantage is that they are not able to withstand any tempreture change in water supply. Thet can suceptible to provide extreme hot or cold water if water temperature changed in main supply.

Advantage on pressure balanced is that they are economical in pricing and not much cost to replace as compatre to thermostatic. Disadvantage is that Height variation in water temperature can make water to go slow to maintain water temperature.

Thermostatic valves are designed to throw precision and maintain temperature with support of inbuilt wax element. This element maintains the constant temperature at precise preset level with knob. Variation is low and maintains pressure of water as well. Disadvantage, They are expensive. But we provide LIFE TIME WARRANTY not only for part but also for service free change in local area ( at our location) we also provide complete guidance for removal and installation of free supplied valve for distant reside customers as well.

Pressure Balanced : our product’s Technical sheet :

Thermostaic : our product’s Technical sheet :

Our all products are fully refundable with in 2 weeks period of time. After 2 week of time period,  we go for store credit in genuine cases. For more details, please click Return Policy . Our all returns are hassle free with no return questions asked within 2 weeks.

Flosens Carries only Handmade 16 Gauge Sinks made from selected Stainless Steel Grade 304( Till now). 16 gauge is thickest Gauge you can get in market now a days. We have full 5 year warranty on sinks including strainers and mounting hardware. 16 Gauge is most reliable,Great Strength & better resist to rust.

We started our FAQ tab on April 21st ,2015. Please wait for more questions to be posted soon.

Our phone lines are always open and never stop. In today’s world, we rely on phone network. If call shows any tone except voicemail that means network problem. Always try again same number or on provided other numbers( 647-342-1766,9054634525). We call back 100% even on missed call. We advise to leave message to get better return call service. For general inquires , please use contact form placed in “contact us” tab.

All drawings are placed in Support tab. Please find a folder box of Engineering drawing in “support” tab in main page. In case you require dxf files, Please do call us or email at 


To make our business economical,  our business hours are short, but we are always open after business hours on your kind request with no obligation to buy. You can book your appointment with as low as 2 hours short notice to visit and view quality products on display at dispatch centre. Best way to book is to fill short form on bottom of “contact us” tab or simply call us 647-342-1766, 905-463-4525 & 1-866-999-6899. Flosens is committed to serve you better after business hours too.  

Flosens have built customized Kitchen Faucets with bulk quantity. We are a major supplier to Contractors and Direct seller with |NO MIDDLEMEN|. As far as quality of Flosens Kitchen faucets is concerned, they are produced with a LEAD FREE material, which is why they have a AB1953 certification. All faucets have achieved 4 certifications including  a) cUPC ( Ensure all plumbing connection as per Canadian Standard) b) AB1953 (Ensure Lead Free). In addition, Flosens is renowned for its BEST WARRANTY. We are also able to give a strong warranty as we not only know the structure of our products, but we are confident about its functionality as well. That is one of the reasons, why we are able to give a strong warranty on our products.

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